Customer Supplied Artwork & Logos

To be useable, files must be supplied in one of the following vector-based file formats: .EPS (encapsulated postscript) .CRD (corel draw), .AI (adobe illustrator), .PDF.  Include a .jpg of the entire file for proofing. Convert all text to curves, or include font names and files.  Convert spot colors or RGB to process (CMYK).  PMS numbers or CMYK values are required for exact color matching.

Pictures should be .jpg and have a resolution of at least 72 DPI at actual size (more is better). If you are taking pictures to use for signage, make sure your camera is set on the highest resolution possible. Pictures taken from the web are generally not high enough resolution to use for signage, and may be copyrighted.

If you do not have vector based art but have a suitable copy of the logo we should be able to recreate useable art.  Any cleaning up, scanning, reformatting, font matching, etc. will be billed at our hourly rate. Generally, Microsoft Office programs like Word, Publisher, or Power Point do not convert easily into useable file formats, but may be used as a guideline for us to redraw art for you.

What Information do you need to make a Sign?

As many of the following as you can answer:

  • Type of sign (substrate)?
  • Size of the sign?
  • Single or Double sided?
  • Shape & Colors of the sign?
  • Have logo/artwork or need us to provide?

Artwork & Fees

Estimates are free; artwork is not.  If you ask us to draw something up for you, you will be responsible for our labor rate per hour (currently $50), even if you don’t buy a sign. Artwork is the most time consuming & expensive part of our trade, and we have to be compensated for it.  Additionally, all of our artwork is copyrighted, and belongs to us until paid for & released in writing.

Turnaround Time?

As all of our signs are custom made from scratch, please allow at least a week’s notice for most signs, longer for involved signs such as sandblasted, lighted, & jobs requiring install. Rush jobs will be billed at 1.5X our normal labor rate.

How Much Does a Sign Cost?

The price of a sign varies greatly depending on size, material, & complexity, artwork involved & number made.  We custom make everything, so we usually have to price each sign individually, but if you know what you’re looking for we will be happy to give you an estimate

What’s the Difference Between Digital Printing & Vinyl Lettering?

Vinyl letters are cut out pre spaced of one color of vinyl, then covered with a transfer tape that allows you to stick them to a surface just so. Digital printing is a full color process, somewhat similar to an inkjet printer, where solvent based ink is printed onto a substrate, like vinyl. The special inks and materials used make it durable outdoors from 3-7 years. These can also be cut to shape on the outside, and laminated in clear for scratch resistance & additional UV protection.

I Found a Logo/Picture/Sign on the Internet, can’t you use that?

Sometimes, but usually no; the problem is resolution.  Most things formatted for the web look good at the size you are viewing them at, but the file size and resolution are low to cut down on page load time.  When you try to make a sign out of them and blow them up 100 times bigger, you end up with a really grainy & terrible looking picture.  Additionally, most things of beauty on the ‘net are copyrighted, and cannot be used without written permission.